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Steve - Blue Planet's resident fish aquarium expert.

I've kept fish successfully for many years and will happliy answer your questions, or refer you to quality Aquarium Stores in your area.

If there's something you'd like to know about keeping aquarium fish healthy, browse our site to learn more.

Steve's tip.

Clean aquarium water, good diet. That's what your pet fish need... more »

Contact Steve.

Got an aquarium fish problem you can't solve? Contact Steve »

Product Focus

Algae and disease, a simple way to remove it ... Click here »
Did you know a lot of fish owners have trouble keeping fish alive?

Blue Planet Aquariums - TankmaidReasons vary for failing to successfuly keep fish alive but can be anything from wrong equipment used, fish types, maintenance routines or confusing information.

Blue Planet is here to help you every step of the way.

Fishkeeping is fun, easy and very little work, and by following some simple routines your success in fishkeeping will be the envy of your friends.

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Our Video Guide on Setting up Blue Planet Aquariums
Understanding Fish Types Setting up the Filter Maintenance & Cleaning
Watch any section of our 12min DVD on setting up your Blue Planet Aquarium....



Pick the right fish to suit your dreams
beautifully planted aquarium
A beautifully planted aquarium looks great in anyone's home. While a number of fish will enjoy hiding and exploring their home, some will turn this set-up into a mess. Know your fish before you pick those which may upset your plans ...

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Pet fish of the month

Red Tailed Shark

Pet fish of the month - Red Tailed Shark A good addition to most tropical aquariums. These sharks can be mildly aggressive, but on their own these guys are quite the active tank mate.

Size: Up to 12cm
Feed: Flakes and Frozen foods
Freshwater Tropical

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Product of the month

Tankmaid Filter Pro 1000

Product of the month - Tankmaid Filter Pro 1000

An internal filter that sits inside your aquarium. It contains sponge and charcoal, but you also have the option to fill with noodles and other filter media. Great for removing excess dirt or additional filtration when you have large fish that are starting to outgrow their current home.

1000L/Hr, 110cm head height.

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Fish game

Blue Planet Aquariums - Click to play Fish game

Need help?
Hector the dolphin will help guide you!

Blue Planet Aquariums - Hi! I am Hector.

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Blue Planet Aquariums - Setting up an aquarium

Just got a new aquarium for your home? It's important you set up your home aquarium correctly so your pet fish stay happy and healthy. At Blue Planet we will be here to help you through all stages of your aquatic experience.

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